Family Law

Divorce, separation or any type of family breakdown is stressful. At Boase Cohen & Collins, our sensitive, sympathetic and seasoned family law practitioners are here to ease your pain, give solid support and offer sound advice. No matter how complicated your family issues, we aim to help you resolve them quickly and amicably by finding practical solutions and common ground for sensible action.

From experience, we know that each case is unique and requires a tailor-made solution, so our first priority is to listen to you and comprehend your situation. We also appreciate you must feel comfortable with your family solicitor and be reassured you are speaking with someone who truly cares and understands. Our skillful and specially trained lawyers, of both genders, come from varied backgrounds, possess differing personalities and have a wide range of interests outside the legal profession. They are “real” people who will act as your friend and guide at a difficult time in your life.

At BC&C, we handle all aspects of family law, with cases ranging from simple to highly complex. At all times, we are particularly passionate about limiting the impact of proceedings on individuals, especially any children who may be involved. Whatever your circumstances, our dedicated and caring family solicitors are ready to assist.

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