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Alex Liu highlights importance of client trust

Hong Kong, 16 April 2021: The art of cultivating good relationships with clients was the topic when BC&C Partner Alex Liu addressed a group of law students from the University of Hong Kong this week.

Invited as an HKU Guest Lecturer, Alex shared his experiences gained over the course of three decades in the legal profession and conducted a Q&A with his audience. “I emphasised the importance of building trust with a client and illustrated this with examples, particularly from early in my career. As well, I discussed my approaches in dealing with some hypothetical situations,” he revealed.

The presentation was part of an elective course, “Essential Lawyering Skills in Practice”, which aims to equip future lawyers with the necessary tools to deal with the human element of the legal profession, including self-development and building strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

A Partner in BC&C since 2000, Alex is vastly experienced in many areas of business law with key areas of practice that include commercial and corporate litigation, investigations by governmental bodies and commercial contracts.

“The students showed a high level of engagement and eagerness to learn,” he said. “We have a proud tradition at our firm of nurturing the next generation of legal talent, so it was a pleasure for me to give this presentation. I would like to thank my old classmates Walter Lee, Jenny Chung and Jody Sin, the course coordinators, for their invitation.”

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