Seeking the right to remain in Hong Kong can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive, not to mention stressful. At Boase Cohen & Collins, our immigration specialists are on hand to smooth the process, deal with your situation and reduce your worries. Whether it is a visa matter, a passport complication or nationality question, we are highly experienced in the fluid and fluctuating world of immigration issues.

We have a wealth of experience in this highly sensitive field and we understand that the world’s increasingly mobile population is placing immigration in the spotlight more than ever before. Economic and political pressures are causing constant revision of immigration laws and staying on top of these changes is both our motivation and obligation.

At BC&C, we work closely with our long established contacts in the Hong Kong Immigration Department and maintain a network of trusted associates throughout the diplomatic community of national consulates and representative offices. We treat each case as unique and seek the quickest and most cost-effective route to the solution, irrespective of our client’s nationality.

Immigration cases can often become emotive and high-profile, particularly if they involve human rights or asylum issues and carry with them the threat of deportation. Alleged breach of conditions, or applications for extension of stay, can be fraught with anxiety. At all times, we give your case the highest priority and treat it with sympathy, sincerity and skill.

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