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BC&C Partners highlight guardianship issues

Hong Kong, 11 June 2020: Guardianship of minors and the responsibilities that go with it were discussed in detail when Boase Cohen & Collins Partners Usha Casewell and Lisa Wong presented a webinar on the topic this week.

The experienced Family Law practitioners outlined the concept of guardianship, rights and duties, how a guardian can be legally appointed and many other aspects related to the situation where a child is left without parents in Hong Kong. The session finished with a Q&A with the audience.

The talk was given to members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Swedish Women’s Educational Association and was moderated by SwedCham Chairman Kristian Odebjer.

“We were invited by SwedCham to give this presentation as a number of families in the Swedish community were interested in learning more about the topic and clarifying how guardianship appointments are made. It was well attended and the feedback we received was positive,” said Ms Wong.

A Partner in BC&C since 2014, Ms Wong is a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group, which she currently serves as Treasurer. In addition, she is Secretary of the Hong Kong Family Law Association.

Mrs Casewell has been a Partner in BC&C since 2001 and heads the firm’s Family Law practice. Amid her varied workload, she is currently handling a number of child-related litigation cases. She is a long-standing committee member of the Hong Kong Family Law Association and is currently Deputy Secretary, having served as Chairman from 2013-16.

“Our Family Law practice handles dozens of cases each year involving many different matters arising from the matrimonial context. If anyone has any queries about guardianship or any other issues relating to family matters, we are always ready to offer advice,” added Mrs Casewell.

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BC&C Partners Usha Casewell and Lisa Wong, who presented a webinar on guardianship.