Wills & Estate Administration

It is a fact that 7 out of 10 people do not make a will, thus resulting in even greater stress at what is already a difficult time for family and loved ones.

A clear, unambiguous will is integral to estate planning, offers you peace of mind and is the best way to ensure your family is well catered for after you have gone. Our accomplished solicitors will guide you through the writing process and advise what is best for your family’s particular circumstances. It could be, for example, that you wish to establish a trust for a young family member, or that a prized possession is given to a particular person, or that you would like to leave a charitable gift. All these requests can be accommodated.

Drafting a will is also an ideal time to review your financial affairs and ascertain how you can make appropriate provision for the next generation. As well, it is important that will executors and trustees receive sound counselling about their roles and responsibilities.

Even if a will has been made, there are still myriad administrative tasks to be completed to ensure an estate is settled legally and fairly. At Boase Cohen & Collins, our experienced lawyers are well versed in preparing wills, handling probate matters and dealing with estate administration – a particularly skilled task in the absence of a valid will.

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