Employment Law

At Boase Cohen & Collins, we take pride in our extensive track record of helping employers and employees resolve their differences. Employment law is complex and subject to constant change, while pressures of the workplace in the modern age have never been so intense. In this volatile environment, both employers and employees are seeking clarity, guidance and sound judgement – and our lawyers at BC&C are the professionals who provide this.

With our experience of advising individual clients and employers alike across all aspects of labour law, we can understand issues from both sides and this puts us in the ideal position to find solutions that are practical and, crucially, workable.

When acting for an individual client, we appreciate we are dealing with not just your job, but your career, income and livelihood. Therefore, we remain aware of the wider issues relating to your case and offer advice that is in your best interests, both for the present and future.

For employers, while acting on your behalf in a particular case, we also recognise the need to protect the reputation of your business. We advise a wide range of business clients from small companies to multinational corporations across a plethora of different industries.

Whatever your employment issue, BC&C’s accomplished lawyers will strive to reach a solution that works for you.

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