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Zurich meeting highlights close Swiss ties

Zurich, 30 July 2019: Colin Cohen has hailed Switzerland’s enhanced links with mainland China and Hong Kong after a positive meeting with Ally Law firm Blum & Grob in Zurich.

He gave a presentation highlighting the close working relationship the Swiss government enjoys with Beijing and how Hong Kong remains crucial to the mainland’s economy.

“Sino-Swiss relations have been cordial in the past decade and were strengthened when the two nations signed a free-trade agreement that came into force in 2014. As well, China has invested massively in Swiss companies,” said Colin, Senior Partner in Boase Cohen & Collins and Chairman of Ally Law’s Expansion Committee.

“As for Hong Kong, some 230 Swiss companies have offices in our city, including more than 50 which use it as their regional headquarters. Last year, the two jurisdictions signed agreements to increase collaboration in financial markets, fintech and the promotion of private wealth management.”

Colin’s presentation gave an update on China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and why it offers unprecedented new business opportunities for legal professionals. Under the BRI, China is investing billions of dollars in massive infrastructure projects in Asia, Africa and Europe designed to foster improved international trade and economic ties.

His talk demonstrated how Switzerland has taken the initiative among Western European nations by embracing the BRI and agreeing to provide investment and project financing in countries directly affected.

Colin added: “We had a wide-ranging discussion on various issues and our friends at Blum & Grob were particularly interested to hear about the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. They share our hopes that the situation will calm down sooner rather than later.”

Boase Cohen & Collins and Blum & Grob are both members of Ally Law, the global legal services organisation comprising some 70 independent law firms in around 50 jurisdictions. Ally Law utilises close co-operation between members to help clients overcome their international legal and business challenges.

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Colin Cohen (left) is pictured with Blum & Grob lawyers at their Zurich offices after giving his presentation and (below) with Attorney at Law and Counsel Dr Claude Blum.

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