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Celebration time for the Liu family

Hong Kong, 8 July 2019: Boase Cohen & Collins Partner Alex Liu attended the opening of Australia’s Parliament in Canberra last week as part of a landmark celebration for his family.

He was invited to the ceremonial occasion after his sister, Gladys Liu, made history in Australian politics by becoming the first Chinese-origin woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

Madam Liu, born and raised in Hong Kong and granted a government scholarship, went to university in Melbourne and stayed in the city after graduating, becoming an Australian citizen in 1992. A member of the Liberal Party, she represents the Victorian seat of Chisholm in the Federal Parliament’s Lower House.

“I’m so proud of Gladys. She has worked really hard for her success and I know she will represent the people of Chisholm with great dedication,” said Mr Liu, who travelled to Canberra with his father Liu Siu Ping and elder sister Liu Sim Chun.

The Liu family met Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Scott Morrison, plus former Premiers Tony Abbott and John Howard, at a reception in the Members’ Hall at Parliament House after the official opening.

They also attended a thank you party in Chisholm to honour the many Liberal Party volunteers who had helped Madam Liu with her successful election campaign. Madam Liu won in multi-cultural Chisholm – located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne – in one of the election’s tightest contests, capturing 50.58 per cent of the vote over another Chinese-Australian, Taiwan-born Jennifer Yang, who gained 49.42 per cent for the Labor Party.

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Posing with Prime Minster Scott Morrison are the Liu family – siblings Sim Chun (left), Gladys and Alex (right) and father Siu Ping while (below) Gladys and Alex are pictured in her office at Parliament House.

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