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A busy week in Boston for BC&C lawyers

Hong Kong, 31 May 2019: A mixed programme of conference sessions, networking and charity work made it a busy week at the INTA Annual Meeting in Boston for Boase Cohen & Collins Partner Susan Cheung and Associate Wendy Kwan.

The pair were among more than 11,000 delegates who attended the International Trademark Association event, the world’s biggest global brand, trademark and intellectual property conference.

The five-day gathering featured more than 300 “educational opportunities” including workshops, discussion panels, forums and so-called “Table Topics” in which small groups of attendees exchanged opinions over breakfast or lunch.

“One of the most interesting discussions I attended focused on protecting trademarks in the fast-evolving field of virtual, mixed and augmented reality,” said Ms Kwan. “VR, as it is known, is becoming increasingly popular in marketing and trying to protect trademarks under existing laws can be problematic. As well, laws may differ according to jurisdiction and trademark infringement cases are frequently cross-border disputes.”

Ms Kwan was also among some 30 delegates who volunteered to help at the Greater Boston Food Bank. “We were there for three hours, helping to sort donated food into different categories and then packing and labelling it for distribution to needy families. It was an interesting experience and good to work alongside delegates outside the conference,” she said.

The Boase Cohen & Collins lawyers also co-hosted a dinner with UK-based IP firm BRANDED! at Boston’s Bastille Kitchen restaurant. As well, they met with other firms from Ally Law, the global legal network in which BC&C is a member. Boston firm Rich May held a reception for Ally Law delegates at its offices while London-based representative Edwin Coe LLP hosted a dinner.

Ms Cheung added: “This was the biggest INTA Annual Meeting so far and, once again, it was an invaluable exercise in networking and staying in step with crucial issues in the fast-evolving world of intellectual property and trademark law.”

INTA is the global association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related IP in order to protect consumers and to promote fair and effective commerce. INTA’s members include more than 7,200 organisations from over 190 countries. Next year’s Annual Meeting will be held in Singapore.


BC&C Partner Susan Cheung (left) and Associate Wendy Kwan are pictured at the conference venue and (below) with Maggie Ramage, a Partner in Ally Law firm Edwin Coe LLP.