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Ally Law continues rapid expansion

Hong Kong, 4 April 2019: Ally Law has welcomed three new member firms as the global legal services organisation maintains its expansion drive into diverse markets.

Australian firm Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers joins as the representative for New South Wales following a successful merger between Melbourne-based Russell Kennedy – already an Ally Law member – and Sydney firm Aitken Lawyers.

Meanwhile, TVC Law Firm in Denmark and Al Jabal Consultancy WLL in Bahrain enhance the group’s already strong presence in the strategic Europe, Middle East and Africa region and offer further referral options to existing members.

“After welcoming 10 new members in 2018 we have made a positive start to this year by confirming that Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers, TVC and Al Jabal Consultancy have joined us. We now have some 70 firms in almost 40 jurisdictions worldwide and are making good progress towards our goal of 90 members by the end of 2020,” said Colin Cohen, Senior Partner in Boase Cohen & Collins and Chairman of Ally Law’s Expansion Committee.

“I had the pleasure of visiting the offices of Aitken Lawyers in Sydney a few weeks ago as the merger was in progress and met several members of the team there. We are delighted to welcome them on board and, with Russell Kennedy already being a member of Ally Law, it is clear they will be integrated quickly into our organisation.”

The merged firm, which is known as Russell Kennedy in Victoria and Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers in New South Wales, has a 270-strong team seeking to deliver an expanded range of client services and complementary expertise while retaining the agility and flexibility that characterised the two firms.

TVC is a full service law firm with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Roskilde and is particularly renowned for its taxation proficiency. Al Jabal Consultancy is an eight-lawyer firm which has been catering to clients’ legal needs in the Kingdom of Bahrain for more than 25 years. Both firms were represented at Ally Law’s recent AGM in New Delhi.

Boase Cohen & Collins is Hong Kong’s sole representative in Ally Law, which utilises close co-operation between members to help clients overcome their international legal and business challenges.


Colin Cohen delivers his Expansion Committee report at the Ally Law AGM in New Delhi and (below) is pictured with Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers Principal Andrew Aitken during a recent visit to Sydney.