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Delegates learn first-hand of India’s huge potential

Hong Kong, 14 March 2019: The vast business potential of India was explored in detail when global legal services organisation Ally Law held its ground-breaking AGM in New Delhi last week.

Delegates interacted with Indian business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in a series of panel discussions, presentations and networking sessions designed to give an insight into the huge nation that boasts the fastest growing major economy in the world.

“A significant part of the AGM was devoted to helping Ally Law members understand the options and opportunities – as well as the pitfalls – that come with doing business in India,” said Boase Cohen & Collins Senior Partner Colin Cohen, who attended the gathering with Partner Lisa Wong.

“We learned much about the legal landscape and the complex framework of laws and business practices that results from its rich history. As well, there were excellent sessions exploring Indian sport, especially the legal and commercial opportunities that exist, and the digital revolution which is transforming the way India does business both domestically and with the rest of the world.

“Apart from the presentations and networking opportunities, there was also a fascinating keynote speech from Justice BN Srikrishna, a retired former judge of the Supreme Court, who is one of the nation’s leading authorities on data protection and financial regulation.”

Other panel discussions focused on diverse issues facing modern law firms, including corporate compliance and investigations, managing disputes across multiple jurisdictions, the increasing use of artificial intelligence, and unique challenges and opportunities for women lawyers.

Mr Cohen also delivered a report in his role as Chairman of Ally Law’s Expansion Committee and led a session examining cybercrime. He added: “Cybercrime is rocketing in Hong Kong, affecting individuals, small businesses, corporations and the financial services industry. Our city is ranked among the top five global destinations for cyberattacks while financial losses due to cybercrime have grown five-fold in six years.

“For law firms, cybersecurity issues are now often an integral part of such practice areas as data privacy, financial services regulatory and corporate crime and investigations. Cybersecurity used to be solely an IT issue, but it is now a major part of the business and legal landscape and law firms need to adapt.”

Boase Cohen & Collins is Hong Kong’s sole representative in Ally Law, which utilises close co-operation between members to help clients overcome their international legal and business challenges. The organisation comprises almost 70 firms in nearly 50 jurisdictions worldwide. Next year’s AGM will take place in Vancouver.

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BC&C Senior Partner Colin Cohen (fourth right) poses with fellow members of the Expansion Committee while (below, fifth right) BC&C Partner Lisa Wong is pictured at a dinner for women delegates. Photographs courtesy of Ally Law

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