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Colin Cohen welcomes visitors from New York

Hong Kong, 12 March 2019: The close ties between Ally Law firms were on display today when New York lawyers Mark Elliott and his wife Dana Lee visited the Boase Cohen & Collins offices.

The couple, currently on a week-long break in Hong Kong after attending last week’s Ally Law AGM in New Delhi, were welcomed by Senior Partner Colin Cohen, who showed them around and introduced them to colleagues.

Mr Elliott is a Partner in New York law firm Phillips Nizer which – like Boase Cohen & Collins – is a member of global legal services organisation Ally Law, while Ms Lee is Senior Counsel at the city’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

“We were delighted Mark and Dana found time in their busy schedule to tour our offices and chat with some of our lawyers and staff,” said Mr Cohen.

“We have always believed Ally Law firms should make an effort to meet outside the AGM and Regional Meetings in order to build mutual understanding and develop closer ties. Given that New York and Hong Kong are two of the world’s biggest financial centres, it is natural that we should have an excellent working relationship with Mark and his team at Phillips Nizer and long may this continue.”

After arriving in town on Sunday morning, Mr Elliott and Ms Lee were among around 50 guests who attended the Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival at Middle Island in the afternoon. They also found time to explore the city, including the Mongkok district where Ms Lee was born and raised before her family emigrated from Hong Kong to New York when she was young.

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Husband and wife lawyers Mark Elliott (left) and Dana Lee, visiting from New York, are pictured at the Boase Cohen & Collins offices with Senior Partner Colin Cohen.