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Lawyers gain insights into LegCo and Law Society workings

Hong Kong, 15 January 2019: A range of issues affecting the legal industry were discussed when Legislative Councillor Dennis Kwok and Law Society of Hong Kong Council member Eric Cheung visited the Boase Cohen & Collins offices.

The duo met with a large group of the firm’s lawyers, including Senior Partner Colin Cohen, and discussed topics that included Law Society matters, Legal Aid issues and public access to justice.

Mr Kwok, a practising barrister and founding member of the Civic Party, has represented the legal profession in LegCo since 2012. Mr Cheung, Principal Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education at the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law, was elected to the Law Society’s 20-strong Council last summer.

“This meeting allowed our lawyers to learn more about what happens inside LegCo and the important role the Legal Functional Constituency plays in representing the interests of the legal profession. As well, they gained valuable insights into the workings of the Law Society, which represents and regulates solicitors in Hong Kong,” said Mr Cohen.

“We are grateful to both Dennis and Eric for finding time in their busy schedules to visit our offices and give their thoughts on a range of subjects of relevance to the industry. It was an illuminating and worthwhile session.”


Pictured at the meeting are (from left) BC&C Senior Partner Colin Cohen, Legislative Councillor Dennis Kwok and Law Society Council member Eric Cheung, together with members of the BC&C legal team.