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Briefings provide insight into digital forensics

Hong Kong, 24 August 2018: Boase Cohen & Collins lawyers have been brought up to speed on the fast-evolving world of electronic evidence in a two-part series of briefings at the firm’s offices.

The course, “Practical Benefits of Digital Forensics for Lawyers Parts I & II”, outlined the complex process of identifying, preserving, analysing, and reporting on electronic evidence, giving the audience a unique perspective on the value of digital forensics in both investigations and litigation.

The presentations were given by Onyen Yong of Arsenal Consulting, a firm specialising in digital forensics services and network security, with offices in Boston and Hong Kong.

BC&C Senior Partner Colin Cohen said the briefings were a hugely worthwhile exercise. “The importance of electronic evidence has multiplied immeasurably in this digital age and it is crucial for any law firm to stay fully abreast of this highly specialised and complicated field,” he commented.

“The principles regarding preservation and use of electronic evidence apply across many practice areas, not least white collar crime and complex corporate investigations, where we have considerable experience as a firm. We are grateful to Onyen and his team at Arsenal Consulting for their fascinating presentations.”

Day one of the course began with defining computer forensics and included a guide to identifying, preserving, analysing and reporting on electronic evidence. Day two delved deeper into issues such as the altering, fabrication and deletion of evidence and also examined case studies.

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BC&C Partners Teddy Lam (left) and Alex Liu (right) are pictured with Arsenal Consulting’s Onyen Yong, who staged the presentations with his colleague Maria Bayonito (below).

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