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Colin Cohen is admitted to new Panel of Arbitrators

Hong Kong, 31 July 2017: Boase Cohen & Collins Senior Partner Colin Cohen has been admitted to the newly formed Panel of Arbitrators of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

The panel serves as the sole database for promotion of solicitor-arbitrators’ services in Hong Kong and overseas jurisdictions and is composed exclusively of experienced lawyers who have demonstrated knowledge and skills in arbitration and who meet the stringent requirements of an admissions sub-committee.

“With arbitration becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to litigation, the formation of this panel is a proactive and forward-thinking move by the Law Society and I’m honoured to be admitted,” said Mr Cohen.

“Hong Kong wishes to be promoted as an international centre for arbitration and, of course, the Legislative Council has recently passed a bill that allows third party funding of arbitration and mediation proceedings, which means we will see increased activity in this field.”

Mr Cohen is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and an Accredited General Mediator with both the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the Law Society. Membership of the Law Society’s Panel of Arbitrators is for a four-year period, after which individuals may apply for renewal.

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Lawyers must fulfil stringent requirements to join the Law Society’s new Panel of Arbitrators.